Our Story

Welcome to Pups Picnic. My name is Maylee and I am the proud owner of this little Aussie business. I started this journey in 2017 when I was just 12 years old after combining two of my passions; baking and of course dogs.  I have two four legged quality control officers, Bella and Aggie and a supportive family who have spent hours in the kitchen and many early mornings preparing for local markets. I  hadn't realised just how unhealthy some store bought treats are for our pets until I started making my own dog treats. It's amazing how many treats on the market are full of added preservatives, sugars and salts and I just didn't want my two fur babies eating them. So, by creating my own treats I could be 100% certain of what I was feeding my Aggie and Bella. I believe all dogs deserve the best quality food with no added nasties to keep them both happy and healthy. This is why Pups Picnic treats are a healthy, natural and delicious alternative for your pups to enjoy, so grab a pack and treat your fur babies to one of my hand made, Australian made, pet treats today. They are pupelicious.